All lessons are taught by Dr. Andrew Lawson.

1 hr lesson:


Lessons are carried out on an interactive whiteboard called bitpaper. You will have permanent access to every lesson slide ever created. You also receive an easy to access link, that contains all your exam boards’ past papers and specification to help speed up your revision.

GCSE and. A-level online tutor of chemistry, physics and maths Dr Andrew Lawson with two thumbs up on balcony

A Tutor You Can Trust


Andrew’s style of teaching and attitude is excellent and allowed me to achieve more than I ever could of without his help. I was able to improve by three grades at A level chemistry in a year, getting an A in my end results. Andrew is a great tutor, he keeps all the sessions focused and progression can be seen after every lesson. Thank you!



“So happy to have found an amazing tutor like Andrew...”



Based on 50+ client reviews

Excellent – Made a real positive difference to my son’s A Level results – fully recommended.



How To Pay

Please pay for lessons within 24 hours of the lesson taking place by direct bank transfer. Or you can choose to pay for as few or as many lessons as you like in advance if you find that more convenient.

For international students or students living abroad, it is possible to pay via PayPal.

“Your success is my number one priority.
I’m happy to teach at 8 am or or until 10pm if you need urgent help. For 8 weeks before your exams, I work 7 days a week so you're never alone.”

Cancellation and
Scheduling Policy

Sometimes life gets in the way! Should you need to cancel a lesson, Solar Tuition has a simple and fair cancellation policy.

Number of Lessons Per Week

Best results come from regular weekly lessons, so you must have at least one lesson a week. No fortnightly lessons. You can of course have holidays and breaks. If you want more, regular or ad-hoc, that is fine.

If you need to turn your grades around in a short space of time, don’t panic. You can also book just a few weeks of intense study. This will require more lessons a week, with you doing a lot of independent work between them.

There is availablilty almost all day, six days a week (and seven in the build up to exams)

100% Refund Guarantee on your First Lesson

Different people learn in different ways. That’s why Solar Tuition offers a full refund on your first lesson if you feel like it didn’t meet your expectations – no questions asked.

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