Meet Dr. Andrew Lawson

A Cambridge Graduate & One of the UK’s Most Experienced Tutors

Dr. Lawson has 11 years of full-time higher education experience, and is a physicist and chemist to PhD level – with exceptional knowledge of physics, chemistry and maths.



50+ 5-star reviews from clients

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A Qualified Full-Time Tutor with over a Decade of Experience

As a student of science or mathematics, you will learn the most from an educator who has a comprehensive understanding of their subject matter. In his 11 years of education, Dr. Lawson has gained:

A full degree and masters in Physics from Cambridge University

A 2nd degree and masters in Chemistry from Newcastle University

A PhD in Computational Chemistry/Physics from Newcastle University

Acceptance as a full member of the Institute of Physics (IOP), and into the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC).

Helping You Reach Your Full Potential

With a wealth of experience in academia and education, Dr. Lawson’s focus is on helping you truly understand your subject matter – breaking down complicated questions into simple concepts to achieve true mastery of the subject.

As well as helping you get top exam results, he can also help with predicted grades, university interviews and entrance exams for Oxford or Cambridge. He covers all major exam boards, including AQA, OCR, Edexcel, International Edexcel and Cambridge. All of his tuition will be specific to your exam board.

Dr. Lawson has been a full-time tutor for over ten years.
0 + years
Over 12,000 hours of one-to-one lessons already taught.
0 ,000+
He has helped hundreds of pupils across the world achieve amazing exam results
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All major exam boards covered, including AQA, OCR, Edexcel, International Edexcel and Cambridge.
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Awesome teacher, friendly and helpful! It’s clear that he has a lot of experience in both his areas of study and teaching itself. He simplifies ideas that should/would initially be complex, and breaks them down to help you try to understand them in a far simpler way, surpassing a lot of in-school teachers’ explanations and teaching methods; he has a lot of additional extra tips and tricks on how to deal with questions. Abides by the syllabus and teaches you exactly what you need to know. Overall, one of the best tutors I’ve had the pleasure to work with!



“Andrew’s tutorials are simply first-class...”



Based on 50+ client reviews


Andrew is a really wonderful tutor because he consistently works towards finding new and better ways to aid your understanding and thoroughly enjoys what he does, which makes each lesson beneficial and means that once you have understood something, you won’t forget it! I could not recommend him more!



Exams can be daunting - but with Solar Tuition, you know you have a tutor you can rely on.

Having clocked over 12,000 hours of support and educating, Dr. Lawson’s reviews speak for themselves!

Personalised Tuition

In order to truly grasp complex subject matter, you need tuition that not only focuses on understanding (rather than memorisation) but also suits your individual style of learning.

Our first lesson is usually to show what I can do, so we will pick a topic that is troubling you. In our second lesson we will quickly go through all the topics you have covered and assign a mark out of 5. Over the years, this has proved to be the best and most efficient method for rapidly identifying your weak areas. This gives us more time to work on them!

I record and analyse these numbers throughout your time with me. Every so often we will repeat this process, and as we do topics and you get exams back I will update it. Before your exams every topic will be a 5 out of 5.

Lessons with Solar Tuition in maths, physics and chemistry differ greatly from those you attend in school. With guidance, I’m going to teach you how to break problems down so you’ll be able to work independently in an exam.

This student-led approach enables you to answer even the most difficult questions in exams with confidence.

We will learn common mistakes and how to avoid them, and we will work together so you can learn how to break down tricky questions. I will show you how to answer the word-based questions as well as the calculation ones. I will teach you EXACTLY how the marking scheme works. This will give you the ability to visualise the mark scheme, and maximise your marks.

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