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Hi! I’m Dr Andrew Lawson, a Cambridge-educated, full-time, one-to-one online tutor, specialising in GCSE and A-level. I’ve done over 12,000 online lessons. I’ve a degree, masters and PhD in Chemistry. I’m also a Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

But academic qualifications aren’t the only reason I’m a 5-star tutor. This is my only job and genuine passion. My students’ successes make my day, whether it’s an A to a D, or 8/9s at GCSE. My students improve while enjoying their lessons.

I do this by focusing on fundamental understanding, so you remember everything much easier, and there’s no more confusion building up lesson after lesson in school. I know AQA, OCR, Edexcel and International Edexcel exam boards extensively.

Hire me and you will never feel alone again in your studies.

Gain Confidence And Marks
Get The Grades You Need Or Higher

Prices are £75/hr. Call 07939651258, fill in the form below, or email me at for a friendly free chat!

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Here's some typical feedback

Andrew is a great tutor who has helped me with Chemistry A level for the past 5 months. With his help, I have gone from getting a B overall in my end-of-year 12 exams to an A* in a recent exam.

His method of tutoring is interactive and encourages you to use knowledge rather than memorisation techniques.



"Andrew’s tutorials are simply first-class. My son’s work and grades have both improved dramatically"
Dr Green, A-level

Andrew has tutored me for years! His method of tutoring is unique and effective. His main objective is to ensure you completely understand your subject. Not only enabling you to gain high marks in exams but also to feel confident.

Without him I would have never been able to achieve all 9s in my science GCSEs! I even achieved top of the year consecutively in my chemistry end of year exams.



What Happens Next Andrew?

The first step is to get us talking. I will have a number of questions such as which exam board(s), goals, university or career ambitions, current grades, potential start dates, and most importantly what the current problems are. You will have questions for me too. I want you to feel completely at ease before deciding to go ahead.

The easiest way to do this is a phone call or zoom/skype meeting. If you prefer to use email instead this does take longer, but I am happy with whatever method you are. I will email you zoom or skype details if you want to use these.

I will respond as soon as I can. I am quite busy so please don’t worry if it’s a couple of hours or so. I’m probably teaching.

If I reach my maximum numbers of slots per week I update my website ASAP with a message like “Full Until September”. If you don’t see this, I have space for you or am just about to update my website. I limit the number of lessons I do each day and week, to make sure every one I do is of the highest quality. I tend to fill up pretty quickly, so apologies in advance if I’m full and you have to wait for your first lesson.

In the first lesson I assess the ability of the pupils, and quickly go over what topics they have covered, and how comfortable they feel with them. Marked past exams also really help. Email them to me if you have them.

An Outline of Our Lessons

We go through every topic you don’t understand, or all of them if needed, in the order that is right for you.

We will connect what we are doing to examples from real life. This really makes a difference!

Together we’ll smoothly combine notes, diagrams, and live hand-drawn explanations with photos.

You will witness first-hand how this process makes the facts easy to remember and learn.

Every lesson will be highly interactive.

After you have the basics of each topic under control, we will go through past paper questions from your exam board.



50+ 5-star reviews from clients