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Dr. Andrew Lawson is a Cambridge Graduate and full-time tutor, who has helped countless pupils to achieve fantastic results in their Maths GCSE. He is a Mathematics expert, providing in-depth tuition which is tailored to your individual exam board.

Whether you are struggling with algebra, graphs and functions, probability and statistics, or something else – he can help you succeed! You will master not only the knowledge needed to fully understand GCSE Maths, but also the problem-solving ability required to deal with any question that could come up in the exam. Even the nasty ones at the end of each paper!



50+ 5-star reviews from clients

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Why Choose Dr. Andrew Lawson

If you’re looking for a GCSE Maths tutor you can rely on, you’re in the right place! Dr. Lawson is a Cambridge Graduate who has dedicated a huge part of his life learning and educating others in the field of Mathematics.

.A full time educator for over a decade, he has been tutoring Mathematics online before anyone had even heard of COVID-19! Dr. Lawson focuses on helping his students independently understand how to problem solve – no matter what questions may come up in the exam. Having analysed thousands of past papers, he is an expert in helping you think like an examiner – and to understand exacly what you must do to get top marks!

Let's see what people say about your new GCSE Maths Tutor

You’re in safe hands! During 12,000+ hours of tutoring one-to-one, Dr. Lawson has helped hundreds of pupils get the grades they deserve. Let’s read what they have to say…


Andrew has been helping our son with Maths tuition in preparation for his GCSEs. Andrew’s expertise in explaining to him the different ways to work out questions and explain in detail how he should work out has improved our son’s ability and confidence greatly. We are delighted with the quality of tuition and would highly recommend Andrew for tutoring.



“Overall, one of the best tutors I've had the pleasure to work with!”



Reviews from 50+ clients

Thanks to Andrew’s advice and guidance, I have managed to achieve grade 9s in maths, further maths and physics. Furthermore, I have noticed an astronomical improvement in the way I approach problems in general which has helped me get awards in logic related problems such as those found in UKMT



A Note From Your GCSE Maths Tutor

How fast we move through this process will depend on you, and on the topic. Maths is a subject where some people find statistics easy and algebra hard. Some people the opposite. We will cover everything, but of course, spend longer on the topics you need the most help with. You will enter the exam able to attempt every question.

As part of your tutoring, I will show you the best methods to learn and revise, and when to use them. Past paper questions, worksheets, revision guides, textbooks, flashcards, and online services. I’ll explain when and how to use each resource. I will also give you access to all the past papers and mark schemes for your exam board, and questions by topic to practise with.

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Dr. Andrew Lawson


Start with getting a solid grip on any missing fundamentals.

Introduce some basic problem-solving ideas right from the start.

Work on one topic at a time until it is understood.

End each topic by doing past paper questions from your exam board to make sure you are exam ready before moving on.

Begin practicing questions at random from multiple topics once you have mastered them.

Practice using full mock exams and marking them during sessions - so you can understand any lost marks.

Common Problem Areas in GCSE Maths

Algebra is one of the foundations of almost all maths that is useful. You need to get so comfortable with it, so that it’s second nature – and that you can easily understand and grapple with equations and expressions.

Every mistake loses the same amount of marks! In mathematics, mistakes are down to your method: how you present your work, expand your brackets, whether you try to do multiple steps at once. All of these are avoidable.

Graphs can seem simple – but once you meet functions it becomes more complex! By understanding principles and playing with numbers, you can master graphs and their functions.

What are the chances? Once you realise that probability and statistics are just maths applied in real life, it becomes much easier. By truly understanding, you can tackle not just an individual question – but all other questions like it.

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