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Dr. Andrew Lawson is an expert mathematician and Cambridge graduate, with 12,000+ hours of full time tutoring under his belt. He has helped countless students grapple with A-level Maths and master algebra, differentiation, logarithms, trigonometry and more.

Over the years, Dr. Lawson has picked apart almost every past paper from every exam board. He can teach you to think like an examiner, show your workings, avoid silly mistakes and improve your marks – exponentially!

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50+ 5-star reviews from clients

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Why Choose Dr. Andrew Lawson

You’ve covered algebra, probability, geometry and more in your GCSE, but A-level Maths is where things can start to get complicated! Cambridge graduate and full time tutor Dr. Andrew Lawson is here to get to grips with differentiation, integration, trigonometry and more.

Dr. Lawson has spent more than a decade tutoring students in mathematics, inspiring them to independently understand the principles that will help untangle even the most complicated A-level Maths problems. Together, you’ll learn what you need to do to pick up every mark, no matter what topics you are struggling with.

Here's what other students said about your new A-level Maths Tutor

You’re in safe hands! During 12,000+ hours of tutoring one-to-one, Dr. Lawson has helped hundreds of pupils get the grades they deserve. Let’s read what they have to say…


An outstanding teacher! Dedicated, reliable, flexible – true professional in every sense. We are very grateful and lucky to have found him. Could not recommend him enough!



“Dr Andrew Lawson is an exceptional tutor...”



Based on 50+ client reviews

Andrew is an extremely intelligent tutor. He has his own teaching methods which are actually easier to learn and implement. He teaches me pure maths, statistics, mechanics and physics for 2 months now, and I can automatically feel the improvement and progression. Andrew does an incredible job at being flexible with me, in terms of timings, and all our lessons are absolutely fun even though they are challenging. You have done a great job Andrew keep it up!



A Note From Your A-Level Maths Tutor

Maths is a subject where some people find differentiation easy and trigonometry hard. Some people are the opposite! We will cover everything, spending more time on the topics you need the most help with, and you will enter the exam able to attempt every question. I am a master of mechanics and a sage of stats. I have developed techniques to teach every topic so you understand it so well, you’ll be explaining it to your friends.

As part of your A-level tutoring, I will show you the best methods to learn and revise, and when to use them. Past paper questions, worksheets, revision guides, textbooks, flashcards, and online services. I’ll explain where they are, when and how to use each resource. I will also give you access to all the past papers and mark schemes for your exam board, and questions by topic to practise with.

Two more things that transform my tuition are unique to me. I have developed teaching methods that enable you to learn how to break problems down that you’ve never seen before. I also teach you how to increase accuracy – while also increasing speed. Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. It just took me a LOT of time, experience and thought to develop. But the results are tangible. Imagine making less errors, finishing the exam with time to spare, and being able to complete every question.

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Dr. Andrew Lawson


Start with getting a solid grip on any missing fundamentals.

Introduce some basic problem-solving ideas right from the start.

Work on one topic at a time until it is understood.

End each topic by doing past paper questions from your exam board to make sure you are exam ready before moving on.

Begin practicing questions at random from multiple topics once you have mastered them.

Practice using full mock exams and marking them during sessions - so you can understand any lost marks.

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Common Problem Areas in A-Level Maths

It’s sort of the Mount Everest of algebra at A-level. Get this, and no algebra will be beyond you. But fear not, you will be shown them in two ways instead of one. We will also relate them to regular numeric division, and it will suddenly make sense.

If you’ve tried some of these questions, I imagine the phrase “What?!?” has popped into your mind more than once. I’ll use one of my trademark methods to make you understand.

Ln and exp/e are opposite operations like multiply and divide, add and subtract, square and square root. We need to use examples to get you used to the operations before tackling the questions. That’s usually the problem here – trying to run before you can walk. Prepare to be Usain Bolt.

It’s here the difference between GCSE and A-level is laid open wide for you to see. And it’s not nice. Firstly, the hard thing about statistics is that it’s the words that are difficult, not the numbers. It’s knowing which number to use, and how to use it. The actual calculations are relatively simple. To know this, you must be able to explain the concepts in words, and understand the wording in the questions. You will.

Nasty. Match this with the normal distribution and you can really just lose it. There’s ways to explain it that relate to everyday life, that will honestly make this something you want to come up in the exam.

No lying, the algebra here gets tough as the number of equations mount up. Clarity of presentation is one of the key skills you need. Understanding the small bits of physics behind it another. Add in calculus, and you will be in charge – not the question.

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