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Dr. Lawson is a Cambridge Graduate with a PhD in Physics and Chemistry, who can help you untangle the complexities of GCSE Physics – and maybe even enjoy it.

As a full-time tutor who has helped countless GCSE Physics pupils, his lessons are carefully tailored to both your exam board and your individual style of learning. This will give you the tools to understand key concepts, rather than just memorizing equations – which is the only way to master tricky questions!



50+ 5-star reviews from clients

Why Choose Dr. Andrew Lawson

Understanding GCSE Physics is so much easier with an enthusiastic tutor!

Dr. Lawson has spent much of the past decade poring over past papers and mark schemes to truly understand how you can achieve the best marks in your exams. He is a Cambridge graduate and a member of the Institute of Physics, with over a decade of one-on-one tutoring under his belt, hundreds of satisfied students, and amazing reviews.

Let's see what people say about your new GCSE Physics Tutor

You’re in safe hands! During 12,000+ hours of tutoring one-to-one, Dr. Lawson has helped hundreds of pupils get the grades they deserve. Let’s read what they have to say…

As someone sitting their GCSEs and a few other maths and physics competitions this year, Andrew’s super unique teaching style really helped to up my confidence, and I got the highest marks in my year for my maths (95%) and physics (90%) mock exams. He really focuses on using knowledge and understanding, not just memorising and parroting facts from the textbook: would definitely recommend



“Fabulous in every way! Andrew is dedicated to educating.”



Based on 50+ client reviews


Thanks a lot to this amazing tutor. The way he prepares students for Physics GCSE is very useful and effective. For my daughter this is a perfect tutor, who doesn’t just give knowledge, but motivates and makes the subject even more interesting to study, as well as giving past years exams and fully preparing for Olympiads.



A Note From Your GCSE Physics Tutor

GCSE Physics looks at how the real world works, with concepts, equations, and facts. With my help and a bit of practice, I’ll help you understand every topic so well you will be able to answer every question you come across – and explain it to your friends! You will know when to use which equation, and get most or all of the marks on those evil wordy / essay questions. The key is understanding the topic first, and only THEN memorising the information.

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Dr. Andrew Lawson


We will work through each topic so you understand every part of it, and how it fits together.

Together we will tackle some simple practice questions to make sure you’ve understood each concept.

After this we will move onto past paper questions to make sure you’re going to get more and more marks in exams.

Like all subjects, we regularly revisit old topics every so often so the knowledge you have doesn’t disappear.

Common Problem Areas in GCSE Physics

Many Physics students simply don’t know where to begin. Don’t worry – you’re not alone! We will begin by understanding how you learn – and then we will address concepts one by one.

Electricity only makes sense once you understand the basics. In just one lesson, you can master key concepts like charge and voltage, to understand exactly how electrical energy works.

Forces are incredibly important, but often hard to grasp the first time around. By understanding key concepts like vectors / scalars, distance / displacement and speed / velocity, you will be able to master forces and motion.

Possibly the hardest topic in both Physics GCSE and A-Level! You will fully understand how current creates magnetic fields, from which we can explore motors, generators, transformers and more…

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