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With a Chemistry degree, masters and PhD under his belt, Dr. Lawson is a highly capable full-time GCSE Chemistry tutor. He is also a Cambridge graduate and Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Most importantly though, he has dedicated thousands of hours over the last decade to helping students understanding mark schemes, past papers and tricky questions. If you’re struggling to get to grips with the composition, behavior and properties of matter, Dr. Lawson’s superb tutelage can light the way. Don’t panic – everything will fall right into place!

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50+ 5-star reviews from clients

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Why Choose Dr. Andrew Lawson

Wow. GCSE Chemistry can be tough! Understanding the complexities of inexplicably tiny atoms is a serious business.

That’s why you need a tutor you can trust. Cambridge graduate Dr. Lawson has spent the last decade as a full-time tutor, and has been educating online since long before COVID-19. His focus on comprehension rather than memorisation will give you the tools you need to deal with any questions that come your way.

Let's see what people say about your new GCSE Chemistry Tutor

You’re in safe hands! During 12,000+ hours of tutoring one-to-one, Dr. Lawson has helped hundreds of pupils get the grades they deserve. Let’s read what they have to say…


Our son had fallen behind quite significantly on chemistry by the end of Year 10 (covid etc) – 45% in his end of year exams. We booked a batch of lessons with Andrew over the summer holidays to help firm up our son’s knowledge base and get him onto a better footing for the start of his GCSE year. This helped tremendously: by his first half term of Year 11 our son scored an 8 with an outstanding write up from his teacher. An incredible turn around and we are extremely grateful to Andrew for his help.



“She always enjoyed his classes, with his boundless energy, enthusiasm, and extensive knowledge.”



Based on 50+ client reviews

We are very very happy to have found Dr Andrew. He is teaching our daughter chemistry. She is enjoying his lessons and she learns a lot. In the first few sessions, she already has learned from him more than she learned the whole of her last academic year, in her regular chemistry class. Dr Andrew comes up with good life examples and applications of what he is teaching, making the subject interesting even for us the parents. The lessons are taking place online since we live in the US, so we, the parents, can enjoy seeing our daughter immersed into the lesson. We highly recommend him.



A Note From Your GCSE Chemistry Tutor

Chemistry is a difficult GCSE. It is not just Maths, equations and rules like Physics. It is not just facts to memorise like Biology. It’s a mixture of both! Also, there are some underlying principles it is hard to spot unless you’re Einstein… Sadly, most of us are not Einstein.

I will explain these principles, and provide a strong understanding of the foundations (including moles, equations, structure and bonding). We then build on this, topic by topic, until you are a master of each one. As we move through topics, I will ask you small questions to ensure you understand, before we tackle actual past paper questions from your exam board. At first I’ll help, but you will be doing them on your own in no time at all.

Moles will be your mate. You’ll be excellent at equations. Abstract concepts like molecules, ionic lattices, metallic lattices will all fall into place. We’ll go through redox, energetics, rates, polymers in organic chemistry, what aqueous actually means via beautiful images I have (you’ll be surprised!), and everything else – all tailored to your exact needs. Worried Student + Lessons -> Confidence + Top grades.

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Dr. Andrew Lawson


Work through each concept in each topic one by one.

We will relate it to real life as often as possible.

Our lessons will utilise plenty of of visual examples on a whiteboard.

You’ll find that the facts become easier to remember and learn.

We’ll address quick questions as we go - verbal one-word questions to start with, then some written questions.

We will also revisit old topics every so often so the knowledge you have doesn’t disappear.

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Common Problem Areas in GCSE Chemistry

Many Chemistry GCSE students don’t truly understand the fundamentals of the subject. Our foundation will be built on proper understanding of words, concepts and ideas.

Chemists need their own way of making calculations with inexplicably tiny atoms – which is where we introduce moles. Understand how and why they are used.

These three topics are easily confused – but once you understand the differences and how they fit together, you will be able to master them.

Why does carbon need a section all to itself? Because it can form chains. We will use our basics and bonding and structure knowledge to understand organic Chemistry.

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